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A story of Custom Virtual Background

Music concert by Virtu@lna on

We at meriMeet are dedicated to making your event a success by doing our little part.

We were delighted when Virtu@lna from Zegreb, Croatia contacted us to work with them to design a virtual background for their online music concert. 

There were some challenges because the images of the club were taken a while back and were not very high resolution, but thanks to our talented Graphics Team and coordination from Stjepan from Virtu@lna we were able to design a few versions of the Virtual Room. Below was the winner for the event:-

Virtualnu Jabuku 2

Everything behind the chairs and tables is a picture of their real music club in Croatia. We added the chairs and tables. Some lights on the ceiling were already in the image, but rest were added later. Beams from these lights falling on the tables does the trick of integrating everything and giving it a realistic look.

Croatian region was new to us and language localization was one feature that the meriMeet platform lacks as of now. So we monitored closely, especially for customer engagement on the portal. Everything went smooth. Not many people connected on the video though, we think that's primarily related to technology adoption.

We stayed in the room throughout the event to make sure the virtual meetup goes smoothly.

Here are some pictures from the event.

After the success of this event, Stjepan and team are preparing for the next event, which will be scheduled in next few weeks.

One thing is clear that Virtu@lna is changing the way music lovers attend concerts in the difficult times of COVID Pandemic, and meriMeet is defining new ways to keep us all connected.

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