Introducing the new Dashboard

Dashboard on Home page

The new dashboard is slick and sharp.

The top section has the list of popular and trending Rooms. Below that there are two sections side by side. On the left is the history of all meetings that you've hosted in the past, most recent once's on the top and on the right is the list of meetings that others have created and you have joined, again most recent once's on the top.

There are controls available for Rooms and Meetings and there are share options for both kinds of meetings on the left and right.

Room control button options

Mouse hover on the three dots on extreme right of the row to activate menus, on hand held devices screen tap is required.

Clicking on "Create a Meeting" will open Create new Meeting form with the correct room pre-selected.

Meeting control button options

The Join will take you to the Join a meeting screen where you will see the meeting title and Organizer's name.

Copy the password before you actually hit the Join button, because you will be prompted to enter meeting password when the meeting launches in a new window.

Share meeting from dashboard

For meetings that someone else created, you will not have the copy password option for security reasons. Please refer to the original email that you received for this meeting which should have the meeting password in it.

Or you can always reach out to the meeting organizer for the meeting password.

how to share meeting

As of now there are three options to share your meetings with others.

Gmail will open a new gmail compose window for Gmail, you will need to sign in if not already logged in.

Outlook option will do same as Gmail, just the e-mail client is Outlook.

Copy Link option will copy the complete meeting link which you can share with other meeting participants via your favourite email client.

Incorporating your contacts directly on is an option coming soon.

How to share meeting

And last but not the least you can copy the meeting link for other meetings and use it to share via your favourite email client. Option to compose email via Gmail/Outlook are not available for Other meetings.

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