Create new Meetings

Creating a new meeting is a two click process.

Simply navigate to the "Create Meeting" on the navigation bar on the top.

Create Meeting

Enter a title for your meeting. This title will be shown on dashboard, in the share meeting emails, and on the Join Meeting page when someone clicks on the meeting link or enters the meeting ID manually on the Join Meeting page.

Then just hit Create Meeting button.

Create a meeting

When the meeting is created you will see the meeting id and password (in green). You will also see options to share this meeting with other participants.

These are the current share options :-

Gmail will open a new gmail compose window for Gmail, you will need to sign in if not already logged in.

Outlook option will do same as Gmail, just the e-mail client is Outlook.

Copy Link option will copy the complete meeting link which you can share with other meeting participants via your favourite email client.

Incorporating your contacts directly on is an option coming soon.

Please copy the meeting password on this page before hitting Start Meeting button as you will be prompted for it the first thing.

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